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    Question Help!!! can someone help me decide (Elan 7n or N80)

    I'm driving myself crazy trying to decide. Id get the canon cause I like the body and features, but since "the lense makes the picture" and nikon is suppossed to have the best lenses, maybe the Nikon is the way to go.... but I still like the Elan 7 body better. Any advice for a reatively new photographer... anyone?

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    Cool The Nikon N80...

    Quote Originally Posted by robscamera9
    I'm driving myself crazy trying to decide. Id get the canon cause I like the body and features, but since "the lense makes the picture" and nikon is suppossed to have the best lenses, maybe the Nikon is the way to go.... but I still like the Elan 7 body better. Any advice for a reatively new photographer... anyone?
    Is what I shoot, and I highly recommend it. It is a great camera, and I am a Nikon Man through and through.

    Having said that, I have repeatedly told those in your position that ergonomics should play a large part in your selection. You have undoubtedly researched the camera's, found that these have the features you want, and have handled them to see how they feel in your hand. If you like the canon body and features, then that is the camera for you!

    As for who has the best lenses, that is as subjective as the Nikon vs Canon camera debate. Does Canon have the lenses you want/need? If so, go with them. As a rule, the Canon glass (especially the high end, top of the line stuff) is cheaper than Nikon glass. Is one better than the other? Flip a coin.

    The N80 fits MY hand like it was made for it. The controls, placement and function, make perfect sense to me. So I shoot Nikon. It sounds like you should shoot Canon. Remember, it's not the camera, it's the photographer that takes the picture.

    Good luck with you new camera, and be sure to post some of your shots for us!
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    Both are nice but

    Disclaimer: All of this is totally my opinion. Not hear to start a Nikon vs. Canon war.

    Both are fine cameras and great companies. Think about where you want to go. If you may at some point even have the possibility of moving to digital choose Canon. Currently, the Canon digitals are better than Nikon. Where Nikon was excellent was in there flashes. Canon is improving them and saw the latest camera and now are on par if not better.

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    I'll second what Speed says, go with the ergonomics and features. Ultimately it's the photographer, not the equipment that makes the shot.

    As Speed says, it sounds like you've already chosen the camera. You seem to instinctively like the Elan better. My advice would be to follow your insticts.
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    You can't lose either way. If you like the Cannon (even if its just by intuition), then that's what you should go with. I originally went with Nikon almost purely by intuition.

    Cannon has a broad range of lenses and accessories, and does a much better job of bringing new concepts to market. They also seem to have the edge in digital technology. Nikon seems to hold the edge in flash technology, and seems to make better macro lenses.

    Both are truly fantastic though. So, go with what the system that just seems to right for you.


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    A friend once said to me, "Nikons have better metering and Canons focus better." My reply was, "Well, you can bring back a slightly over- or underexposed photo, but something fuzzy goes to the trash bin... So I'll stick with Canon." Don't worry folks, that was just a little humor and nothing more ... ;)

    As everyone else has said, they're both aweome cameras with fantastic optics. I'd shoot either one, but I just happened to pick up a Canon EOS 650 several years ago and that's what I've stuck with (now I have other bodies, of course). I've held some Nikons and found that I like the Canon better, though. Ergonomics are very important.

    As for the Elan 7, my friend owns one and swears by it. It's almost like a prosumer camera, very durable and nicely spec'ed. Good luck with your decision.
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    First, as others have emphasized, ergonomics is a very major consideration. Even though I use Canon now, I still wish these cameras handled like a Pentax.

    Lenses by all the majors are not better or worse regardless of what people think they see. Canon, Nikon, Pentax, Minolta, etc. all have excellent glass. Contrary to myth and legend, there is nothing special anymore about Leica or Zeiss glass either.

    For digital, Canon and Nikon have different approaches but are neither better or worse. Canon tends to be cutting edge and updates their line much faster than Nikon. They are also known for low noise. Nikon tends to build cameras with less flash (well, you know what I mean!) but wih solid features that keep users happy over a longer period of time. Also, Nikon lenses are used on the Fuji DSLRs as well.

    There really are some differences between brands. Although Gabe was trying to be polite, Nikon's metering is better than Canon. My Canon EOS-3 is a poor metering performer, even my simpler Pentax ZX-5n beats it easily. Nikon definately wins here. I don't use flash but I am betting the flash comment has some truth as well. Remember, this is in direct comparison. You won't notice the exposure or flash differences unless you have and are actively using a few different brands concurrently. All these meters and flashes do the job well.

    Buy the one you like best, there is no wrong choice here.
    "Every great decision creates ripples--like a huge boulder dropped in a lake. The ripples merge and rebound off the banks in unforseeable ways.

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