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Even in the rainy season, the weather is not as hot as summer. But many houses still have air conditioning both day and night. Which, if used without supervision Do not clean the air as scheduled It may affect your health. Because the air conditioner has a lot of moisture Which is the reason that pathogens can grow

Disease should be careful from being in the air-conditioned room. And the danger of not cleaning the air conditioner
Legionnaires disease - It is a disease caused by bacteria named Legionella. By inhaling bacteria contaminated in water droplets into the body. The symptoms are high fever, cough, chills. Legionnair disease is a severe type. Therefore have pneumonia as well Causing respiratory failure and a high mortality rate
Pontiac fever - For Pontiac fever Is also a disease caused by bacteria named Legionella. But not severe compared to Legionnair's disease Because Pontiac fever usually resolves itself within 2-5 days even without treatment. The symptoms are similar to the flu.
Respiratory disease - The air-conditioned room closes the doors and windows completely. Allowing pathogens to grow well And if in an open air room below 25 degrees, the air in the room will dry out, causing the cells For example, the nasal mucosa cells are drier than before as well So those who stay in the air-conditioned room for a long time Therefore may suffer from respiratory disease such as colds, allergies, etc.
Advice from the Department of Health When should I clean the air conditioner?
Air conditioner with integrated system When not in use, the effluent should be discharged from the cooling tower to dry. After that, clean and use a solution mixed with chlorine at a concentration of 10 ppm into the cooling pipe thoroughly. The whole system for at least 3-6 hours and then maintain the chlorine level to a concentration of not less than 0.2 ppm by cleaning the cooling tower at least 1-2 times per month.
Air conditioner in room The tray should be cleaned every 1-2 weeks so that there is no lichen and when the air conditioner is turned on. It should be noted that the air coming out of the air conditioner Has a foul, musty smell or not If there is an initial smell, the air filters in the air conditioner should be cleaned. With soapy water or antiseptic If washed and the smell does not disappear A technician should be called for a full system cleaning. In which the full air conditioning system should be washed at least once a year But if used regularly should be washed at least 6 months per time Because in addition to reducing germs Can also help save electricity as well
It is not just air conditioners with integrated systems and rooms air conditioners that carry germs. Because the air conditioner in the car can be called a source of dust. It is home to many types of pathogens, fungi, bacteria. Which, of course, is dangerous to health Therefore, for health and hygiene, the car air conditioner should be washed at least once a year with that แทงบอล