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Eating It is also important to have good self-care. Not only choose foods that are beneficial to the body Still need to choose to eat in moderation, not too much or too little. If eating too much In addition to making it fat Also at the risk of other chronic diseases such as diabetes, heart disease, today Hello Doctor has tips for those who eat too much to leave How to do Stop eating too much to be effective.

Tips on how to stop overeating
For those who have diet problems or overeating. No matter what I do, I still eat large amounts of food. These tips may help control your appetite. And help reduce the risk of overeating

Concentrate on eating
Usually, most people tend to do activities while eating. Whether watching TV, playing mobile phones or playing computer games. A 2013 review of 24 studies found that people who lost their concentration during consumption increased their food intake. Therefore limiting the distractions during the diet. Will help the body stay focused Concentrate on eating more And can help reduce overeating

Eat slowly
Eating slowly Gives the brain more time to think and make decisions Causing time to know if the stomach is full or not If full, it sends a signal to the brain and helps you stop eating. From a study in the year 2000 A 2015 study found that adults who ate 400 ml of tomato soup slowly felt full after. Than a person who eats quickly

Avoid foods that encourage you to eat a lot.
There are certain foods that can stimulate This avoidance of empty foods can help reduce your chances of overeating. Therefore, we should know what foods can stimulate us to eat a lot, for example if ice cream tends to induce a higher intake. Should not put ice cream in the refrigerator a lot Because it will increase the chances of reaching and eating more easily. It is not good to store snacks or desserts in the refrigerator. Therefore, choose to store foods that are beneficial to the body, such as fruit for health benefits.

Reduce stress
Stress is one of the reasons you eat too much. Chronic stress This causes the levels of cortisol (Cortisol), a hormone that increases appetite. Studies have shown that stress can lead to overeating, leading to weight gain. Reducing stress is another easy way. That can help reduce eating too much Which has an easy way Many things that help reduce stress levels, such as listening to music, exercising, doing yoga, or drawing. โปรโมชั่น ambbet