Google Chrome now offers real-time automatic captions for web audio and video content-chrome-dock-mac-hero.jpg

The latest version of Google's Chrome browser has a new useful function that automatically generates subtitles for audio and video content in English. It is an extension of the company's Live Captions technology, which was introduced almost two years ago at the Google I / O conference.The functionality works with recorded podcasts and videos, as well as live streams.

To enable the รีวิวเกมslotxo functionality in the latest version of the Chrome browser, go to "Settings", then "Advanced" followed by "Accessibility" and turn on "Live Captions". You should then start seeing the generated subtitles. Automatically, regardless of which audio or video platform you use. Please note that this function is only available in English, although other languages ​​can soon be added,

proving to improve accessibility for users who are deaf or hard of hearing or for anyone wanting to improve their language. England When you start playing a video or podcast in your browser, subtitles will appear immediately in a specific window at the bottom of the screen. The function can be easily turned on and off at any time.Please note that this option was first introduced on mobile via Google's Pixel smartphones,

then evolved to select models from Samsung and onePlus.Now broader access to Google Chrome will bring this functionality. With a wide variety of users with all kinds of devices Anyone who doesn't use Chrome, however, can enjoy the technology in multiple languages ​​on most Google platforms, such as YouTube and Meet.