Game Boy Camera has been given a new life as a low-resolution, practically free webca-gameboy_webcam_main.jpg

Hardware mods, retro gaming enthusiasts, and Everyday Carry co-founder Bernard Capulong came to the slotxo rescue with the anonymous Redditor, who recently expressed a desire to be playful on the social media platform.The result? The video demonstrates using the Old Gameboy camera as a modern live webcam.

On Tuesday, Sept. 1, a handheld Redditor '/ u / eye_for_an_homunculi' posted a question on the Game Boy subreddit: Is it possible to use an older Game Boy camera as a webcam? The slotxo reason Homunculi explains is that the camera was improperly used as a 'gotcha' to protest. The 'crazy list of rules' he or she must follow when taking an online exam.

It didn't take long for Capulong to make a comment that shows it's possible. He shares pictures of his settings as well as videos shot using the Game Boy camera as a webcam. The slotxo process is expensive if you don't have the right hardware and is quite complex, explains Capulong, making it quite a bit unusable. But still fun

According to the video demonstration, the Game Boy camera uses the Super Game Boy 2, an adapter cartridge used to play Game Boy games on the Super Nintendo (SNES) for a bigger screen experience. However, things get a little more complicated from there.

According to Capulong, the adapter cartridge is used with Analog Super NT, an FPGA-based SNES that features HDMI, for use with modern displays. Using this slotxo HDMI-out function, Capulong outputs the video signal to an external Avermedia Live Gamer ULTRA capture card which is connected to a Windows laptop via USB-C.

Usually, some interested users want to know if it's possible to make this setup with an OEM SNES console, which apparently doesn't have an HDMI port in response, Capulong said, although it's technically possible. But more effort, including upskeller cables, would be able to transmit the HDMI signal to the capture card, ultimately increasing the cost and effort involved.

The end result is a very useless novelty - many modern webcam applications have filters that can simulate low-resolution characteristics without slotxo complicated setup and at an additional cost. As a result, going with a practical option is a lot less fun.