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Thread: Full Circle

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    Full Circle

    It's finally happened. My bike riding has led me full circle back into photography. My personality a few years ago left me avoiding social situations, but my favorite type of photography has always been, and remains being, people and portraits. I was always uncomfortable and awkward socially. I changed over the years. I'm very social and enjoy hanging out at social events. I'm very much stress free compared to my recent history. This should help a lot to try my hand at environmental portraits again.

    I've had the itch for months actually but kept putting it off due to cost. Today I found myself into some extra money and decided I could afford what I needed. This event was my ultimate motivation and seeing this photographer at work sealed the deal. One of my favorite photo of his is this one. I just love the energy bursting from underneath his skin. Some of his motion blur shots were great too. He was using an unknown hand held strobe with quantum battery pack. He was cool too, here's a photo I took of him.

    I won't be doing landscape like I used to and I won't be spending every second of my time with photography. Instead, I will be spending time with my racing team and taking photos at the track and at road races. Yes, I actually race now! go figure. My best finish was 3rd so far but I'm always getting faster. I race Cat 5 but am one race away from being able to upgrade to Cat 4 and get my butt whooped bad....VERY BAD. Turns out I can still race with the Cat 5's so I plan on doing that for the rest of the season even though I should be Cat 4. Here's a photo to prove it....that's me on the yellow bike.

    By the way, I AM NOT SMILING, THAT IS PURE PAIN. It just looks like I'm smiling. I'm gritting my teeth going 100% trying to grab the guys wheel in front of me.

    Did I mention to anyone that I've lost as much as 40 pounds since leaving California? It was a combination of eating healthier and riding bikes. I need to lift weights though.'s what I ordered:

    Canon 30D + 70-200 f/2.8L + 580EX + 2GB card.

    I already have in my possession (because no one bought them when I sold my stuff a few years ago) the 20-35 f/3.5-4.5 lens which was helpful. Otherwise I couldn't have afforded this gear. I had wanted the 17-40 f/4L lens but I remember being perfectly happy with the cheaper one most of the time. I have a few other misc bits and pieces too included some flash bracket and off camera show cord so I'm actually fairly well set.

    You might recall, I sold almost everything you see here in order to get into bicycles and release my debt a few years ago. I always wondered how long it would be before I got back into things. I guess all it really takes is a little bit of passion.

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    Re: Full Circle

    Quote Originally Posted by Trevor Ash
    It's finally happened. My bike riding has led me full circle back into photography...
    Another great example of life's interesting twists and turns, Trevor. Good luck being back "in the fold"...

    Hey, if ever there was a lesson we can learn from Photo John, it's the joy of combining photography with a hobby you love...
    "Riding along on a carousel...tryin' to catch up to you..."

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    Re: Full Circle

    Thanks for commenting Steve. I tried REALLY hard to make do with my little P&S camera. It did ok, but when it came to sports it just wasn't even close.

    I remember when John first started posting his mtb shots and how he improved month after month. It's always been great seeing his photos on the rare occasions that he posts them. With any luck I'll start learning technique for the particulars of the style of riding I'm surrounded with and can come up with interesting shots as well. Interesting to other photographers that is.

    Side's nice being in here talking to you about photography again.

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    Re: Full Circle

    Ride On!
    You Go Trevor!
    Of all of the cycling disciplines, I think track is by far the hardest, so I commend you for doing it.
    Way to go on turning you lens to the bike too.
    I don't know if you have noticed, but I have kind of gone away. I don't shoot any bike anymore.
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    Re: Full Circle

    Sounds like you've made some good choices. Congrats!
    Keep Shooting!


    Please refrain from editing my photos without asking.

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    Re: Full Circle

    Great to hear from you, Trevor - you sound really excited about everything! And you should be - looking forward to seeing what you do with the new gear. I can understand the whole process of change, having a couple of hobbies I'm into other than photography. Shooting has been taking a back seat lately but I'd like to get back at it myself. Welcome back!

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