Once again, school pictures are upon us. Normally, I hem and haw, and spend a week figuring out how to get the best possible result. What clothing do I think they will photograph well (because trust me, they are hit or miss), can I justify spending the money on photos that really aren't them. On and on.

Today, as I wrote out my checks, dressed my youngest in her favorite pink plaid dress, and double checked my oldest's shirt to make sure the glittery flower wasn't mashed, it dawned on me. I'm going to be paying for these photos for the next 12 year. Let them wear what they want (even if I don't think it's the most photographic), and enjoy the photos when we get them. Weird smiles and all.

I'm going to put them in an album, just these school photos, the class photo, and any other team type thing they do over the years, and when the move out, it's going to go with them. To remind them of the plaid dresses they wore 4 times a week, or the funky hair that they had to have.

Whoops, here's the school bus...