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    "Elderly" need to eat "supplement" or not?

    "Elderly" need to eat "supplement" or not?-elderly-nutrition-101-b.jpg

    "Supplements" reputed to be a supplement from the normal diet. We have to take supplements to replace some of the nutrients that we may be lacking. Or not getting enough from the normal meals that we eat every day Including in some people who are physically abnormal until we get some nutrients less than normal people with normal health.
    But for many "elderly" people may have concerns that As health continues to deteriorate over time, do elderly people need to take supplements as well? Even though we are getting older His health continued to deteriorate. But do we really need to take supplements?
    "Elderly" need to eat "supplement" or not?
    From the information in the book "Miracle anti-aging food" of Khun Salaya Kongsomboonvech stated that although supplements are not able to replace the staple food that must be consumed in daily life. But for the elderly who are effective in digestion And the absorption of nutrients decreases Supplementation of vitamins and minerals to suit each person's physical condition. It is a necessity

    Vitamin supplementation And mineral salts, ensuring The elderly are given the basic nutrients that the body needs. Improves immunity And reduce infection in the elderly B complex vitamins, which contain folic acid, vitamin B6 and vitamin B12, at one hundred percent of the daily need. Can help reduce homocysteine ​​levels. (Homocysteine) in the blood reduces the risk of heart disease. And constricted blood vessels in the brain It also reduces the risk of pgslot168 dementia in the elderly.
    Tips you should know before taking any supplements
    Some nutritional supplements, such as vitamin A, iron, take precautions depending on the individual's body condition. It is best to take supplements for the elderly under a doctor's advice.

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    Re: "Elderly" need to eat "supplement" or not?

    Supplements are no doubt useful for health, but still, it is better to address a doctor first. Moreover, it is better to do a blood test and find out what exactly you need. Also, supplements can have side effects. I prefer double-checking the info about them on the Canada Pharmacy site.

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