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Childhood is a period of growing up. And there are various developments, both physical and mental The foundation of the child's mind is important. Because it is an age that remembers various stories and begins to absorb a lot of them Especially during kindergarten age (3-5 years old)

Therefore, parents or guardians must be careful about violent behavior. Or other inappropriate behavior as much as possible to prevent the child absorbing Or absorb as little as possible
However, various violence against children Not only in the family Because of the place where the children must spend at least 6-7 hours at school. There is also violence in children. As in the case of the mentor assault the child Many parents noticed the abnormality in their children before finding evidence from CCTV cameras of physical abuse And mentally many kindergarten 1 students and many times
In such cases, apart from the duty of educational institutions to screen qualified personnel to practice teaching profession. In order not to cause any violence on children to become social problems in the future, parents need to pay more attention to their children as well. To prevent children from becoming victims of violent acts
Violence against children ทางเข้าซุปเปอร์สล็อต
According to the Child Rights Protection Center Foundation State that the violence against the child There are physical, psychological, and sexual violence. And neglect