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    ... Does anyone remember Buster Keaton?

    Just a bit of fun for does who remember the old funny silent film days, I'm in my early thirties by the way, but I remember watching on the T.V. some of the great classics, wich I always thought it was hilarious.

    It's a shame these classics dont get broadcasted anymore, they have seemed to be forgotten.

    Last week I came across a street theatre act that really managed to take me back to does days, complete with does memorable cookie piano lines and trademark physical comedy.

    I was very supprised with the reaction of the young ones, they absolutely loved it.

    Anyway here's a few pictures to see if it stirs some memories. Just try and play in your head those crazy piano lines as your watching these.

    Hope you enjoy this unusual and nostalgic thread.

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    Re: ... Does anyone remember Buster Keaton?

    Wonderful wonderful series of photos.

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    Re: ... Does anyone remember Buster Keaton?

    Great photo series
    I thoroughly enjoyed every shot

    Thanks for posting this set

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    Re: ... Does anyone remember Buster Keaton?

    Brings back memories for me even though at 62, I'm too young to remember when they were new. I do wish they'd show them again on pbs or something.
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