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Thailand is counting down to an aging society completely, and in 2021 we will have 20% of the country's elderly population, so taking care of the elderly's health is imminent every now and then. Especially the risk of lean muscle mass They cannot help themselves and may eventually burden their children. Building an understanding of nutrition and taking adequate nutrition is an important step in the path towards a healthy and quality aging society.

Older people who eat less, lose their appetite, have a negative impact on quality of life, weight loss, and fatigue. And squeeze hands that decrease. In addition, eating food that is not properly nutrition. Not only can eat less. But it was found that obesity among the elderly in Thailand increased by more than 30% (compared to 2008 versus 2014), but having a large body weight does not necessarily mean that they have a lot of muscle mass. Because even though it looks completely fat But may be caused by excess fat mass

What is low muscle mass?
Asst. Prof. Sanit Wichanasawakul, MD, MD, MD, an expert in clinical nutrition at Thammasat University, stated that sarcopenia is more common in the elderly. With increasing age The breakdown of muscle mass is higher. But not as good as ever

The danger of low muscle mass
Typically, individuals over 40 years of age have an 8% reduction in muscle mass every 10 years. The rate of muscle mass decreases gradually increases. Until the age of 70 the reduction rate increases to 15% every 10 years, which is very significant because when there is a decrease in muscle mass, it affects both internal and external health, such as having less immunity, illness, limb weakness, unable to help themselves. And may eventually be bed-addicted patients If not taken care of สมัคร AMBBET

Several studies and research suggest that older people should eat more good quality protein. Because protein is a nutrient that helps build and reduce the breakdown of muscle mass directly. But for the elderly, eating enough food in all 5 groups is not easy. Especially meat proteins, because they are unable to chew food easily and are difficult to digest.