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    May 2020

    Diamond earrings & pearl necklace - fabulous or faux pas?

    My grandmother have me her mother's gold and diamond drop earrings with three small studs for me to wear on my wedding day. They are so beautiful and mean so much to me. She has also offered to let me wear her real pearls that were a gift from my late grandfather - small, double string. Again, they're stunning and I absolutely love them.

    I can't decide whether they would look fabulous together, or if I would be committing a fashion faux pas.
    What do you ladies think?

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    Aug 2020

    Re: Diamond earrings & pearl necklace - fabulous or faux pas?

    Hey! Personally, I prefer diamond jewelry as it looks much cooler. I'm ready to give everything for diamond jewelry. I recently stumbled upon this site that was selling a diamond necklace for women and immediately asked my husband to buy me one because they looked too cool!

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    Re: Diamond earrings & pearl necklace - fabulous or faux pas?

    I believe that the ability to correctly combine diamond jewelry with your clothes is a real art, because diamonds look really very luxurious and with some types of clothing they can look too pretentious and unstylish. You definitely can wear the diamond earrings & pearl necklace together and I do not think it will lead to a fashion faux pas. I have been searing for fashion jewelry online recently and encountered this wholesale fashion jewelry usa shop called JewelryBund which carries thousands of stunning highly fashionable jewelry designs including diamonds and pearls, and they also offer all sorts of advices for women to match their jewelry and apparel, maybe you can check theirs or some similar shops for more details or simply for inspiration or relevant jewelry information and trends.

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