During the Second World War, the RCAF (Royal Canadian Airforce) along with the RAF (Royal Air Force) and the rest of the British Commonwealth started up a program called: The British Commonwealth Air Training Plan (BCATP), this earned Canada the nickname "Democracy's Airport" by US President Roosevelt. While I was on vacation I got to visit a couple of locations that related to the BCATP, the first being the former RCAF Rockcliffe (now CFB (Canadian Forces Base) Ottawa North), and the second, the Bomber School on my way home.

For you Canadians, I don't advise going to the bomber school, the owners like to charge people with Trespassing. As for CFB Ottawa North/RCAF Rockcliffe, it's going to be turned into housing, after a land claim despite with Natives is settled.

RCAF Rockcliffe

Bomber Training School