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    D300: Family Matters and Thanksgiving

    In the spirit of the holiday and my own personal decision to share more of my photos, I thought I'd show you all a few pictures I took with the new D300 on Thanksgiving, both dinner and other family matters.

    All shots are with the new Nikon D300, mostly out of camera JPEGs or unaltered RAW conversions (picture control adjustments only). Most are shot with the 17-55/2.8DX wide open, one with the Voigtlander 40/2.0 SL. ISO 1600 for the majority, one ISO 2500 (the next to last one, shot and adjusted for the grainy B&W look), and one ISO 250 flash shot.

    Some are pretty somber, some are cheerful. The ones that mean the most to me will be at the end, so it'll end on a bit of a downer, but I hope you'll stick it out and read my usual wordy explanations for the ones that really matter to me. With the passing of my Grandmother on Wednesday, it has been a pretty emotional time.

    We had Thanksgiving today at my step-brother's house as has become our custom in the past few years. The food was great, and the family was even better.

    My Stepbrother bastes the heritage Turkey...

    My Nephew Dylan is either being funny or really likes that turkey smell!

    Maybe he's just showing off that he knows more of Disney's Cars than I do.

    He shows me his favorite...

    The food's all ready... the cameras came out to preserve the meal for posterity. My father was not amused. He's dieting so it isn't like there wasn't enough for him.

    For once, I ate more than 3 times as much as him as the other way around! His thoughts?

    (He tried blocking his face by waving his hands back and forth. The D300 was quick enough to catch this on the first try)

    After dinner, Dylan tried to catch up on his Nickelodeon TV.


    Early this afternoon, my father was going to head over to the assisted living facility where my grandma Rose, who passed away Wednesday, lived. We needed to get some clothes for her burial. I wouldn't let him go alone, and I felt I should do my best to record a bit of how she lived.

    I won't post the overall photos, which would no doubt be a bit too mundane for anyone outside the family without some heavy explaining... The one I think I need to post for my own grieving process was the hardest to take.

    On my way into her bedroom, I saw this little decorative cross-stitch pillow that my oldest sister made for my grandmother a few years ago hanging from her door handle. Each of us felt this way more than anyone other than her could understand... and I know she knew just how much we did and still do love her.

    This one was pretty tough. For my whole life, my grandmother has had a little statue we called "pony boy." When I was little, I'd sit on a rocking horse and rock back and forth while she sang the song "Pony Boy" to me. Ever since then, I have been her pony boy no matter how old I got. When I visited her at the hospital, she said I'd always be her pony boy. I know I always will be... so when I saw the statue on its own little table in her bedroom, right where she could always see it from her bed, I knew that was probably even more of a reminder of me than the photo on the dresser next to it.

    I'm going to try and keep the statue unless my parents want it, but I had to get this. I'm going to print out a wallet size copy of this and have it placed in the casket with her. Her pony boy will always be with her as much as she'll always be with me in spirit.

    This last one is the hardest of all.

    This is where she fell last week, reaching into her closet...exactly as she left it. This is what set in motion the events that led to her death in just 8 days. I see the broken hangers and slightly disturbed closet, behind me her mattress is pushed off the boxspring at the edge where she grabbed on to drag herself to call for help. I haven't cried very much since it happened, but seeing this brings the tears right out.

    The day before she passed away, one of the things she told me was to never be afraid to cry, never be afraid of showing my feelings. Because of her, I'm not afraid to look at this, cry over this, and I'm not afraid to let the world know how I feel.

    I'm more thankful than ever for my family, and for the times I spent with my Grandma Rose.

    Thanks for looking, and I hope your Thanksgiving... or your day, for those of you who don't celebrate it, was full of love, family, and happiness. Treasure every minute of it.
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    Re: D300: Family Matters and Thanksgiving

    What a touching group of photos. The emotion comes across so strongly. The story behind Pony Boy is especially touching. It's a wonderful idea to have that photo in your wallet. Family is so important - I'm glad your family was able to still get together for Thanksgiving.

    Thank you for sharing at a time that is so difficult for you.
    OBie. Not Obi-Wan, just OBie.

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    Re: D300: Family Matters and Thanksgiving

    Thank you for sharing your thanksgiving with us!

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    Re: D300: Family Matters and Thanksgiving

    Great story, Harrison! Your grandmother was wise in telling you to honor your feelings, she has done you a great honor in life.

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    Re: D300: Family Matters and Thanksgiving

    Harrison, I'd give you a big hug if I were there, my extreme condolences and heart felt prayers for her and your family. Beautiful shots and a great story. I'll be home in the midafternoon on Sunday if you need to talk, or just give me a yell on the cell.
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    Re: D300: Family Matters and Thanksgiving

    My condolences, Harrison. Very thoughtful group of photos and maybe the last one helps you come to grips with the situation; part of the healing process. Thank you for sharing.

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    Re: D300: Family Matters and Thanksgiving

    I'm sorry for the loss of your Grandmother, and thank you for sharing your close relationship with her. Your photos and story are very touching, expressing a great deal of love. I think it's wonderful that you were able to come here and share them with us. I will pray for you and your family. God bless you.


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