Anxiety disorder is a mental disorder that is superslot wallet more serious than naturally occurring anxiety. Patients with anxiety disorder experience ongoing anxiety and other symptoms and the symptoms do not go away. Or may eventually have worsening symptoms
Causes of anxiety
Often the result of mental disorders. Or an imbalance of neurotransmitters in the brain And on the basis of mental health of each person Which if not properly maintained Will aggravate the symptoms And increase the risk of developing many subsequent diseases
Common symptoms of anxiety disorder
Symptoms are distraught, easily startled, feel panicked, frightened and uncomfortable.
Inability to remain calm or withholds from thinking, irritability, trouble concentrating
Have sleep problems such as insomnia, difficulty sleeping
Shallow breathing, palpitations, rapid and strong heartbeat. Restlessness, chest pain, dry mouth
Tight muscles Especially at the neck, shoulders, back, numbness in the hands and feet.
Cold hands and feet or sweating Have nausea, headache
Shaking, diarrhea, frequent urination, fatigue, fatigue
Types of anxiety disorders common anxiety disorders
Being overly stressed or anxious from reality Although there are few reasons Or without a cause that can cause anxiety Which people with generalized anxiety disorder Symptoms for more than 6 consecutive months, the most important symptom is highs, fear beyond the cause. Matter at the same time Most often, this is something that hasn't happened yet.
Panic disease
Panic Without a reason or cannot be found Which this disease is different from general fear or anxiety Because the patient will have a severe fear. Whether you are not facing or in a dangerous situation Panic symptoms happen all the time. As a result, panic patients feel fear and shame. Due to the inability to control themselves or carry out normal daily life
Social phobia
Social phobia Or specific phobias Will have a very serious concern Or having excessive caution In various social situations That have to meet normally in daily life The worry that arises is often the fear of judgment from others. Or fear of being humiliated and mocked For specific fears For example, fear of heights or certain animals. Which will be afraid to the extent that you have to try and avoid it