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Thread: Bronco Ball

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    Bronco Ball

    These are from my nephew's little league game about a month ago. He fouled the ball up into his nose (ow!) at one point and got a bloody nose, but other than that, and the fact that they were slaughtered brutally by the other team (who had one kid playing who I swear was either 13 years old or an 8 year old on massive doses of steroids), it was a fun day.

    Some of my favorite pictures of Trev and his teamates.

    1. Trevor in center field not noticing that the robin of distraction is back (he was paying more attention to the bird than the game, LOL).

    2. My sister with Trev after his foul ball incident.

    3. One of the team mates in right field.

    4. Another team mate at bat.
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    Re: Bronco Ball

    Nice job Cara. Love that last one. Next time you might want to use the largest aperature your lens has to minimize that background a little.

    And here I though they had to have four legs with metal shoes on them for you to take pictures. Nice to see you posting. You keep this up and we will be trying to get you over on the sports forum.
    Don't forget about the Gallery. Are your photos there??

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    Re: Bronco Ball

    Tell Trev to rub some dirt on it and he'll be fine. Sometimes the best sports shots are the ones that have nothing to do with the game, but rather peoples reactions while their playing or not playing. Good Job at looking at the overall picture.

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