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    Feb 2006

    The Boston Marathon

    Today is Patriots Day so that means its Marathon Monday.
    SO it was a busy day.

    First peter and I went down to the 1 mile mark of the race to watch the wheelchairs and elite women go off.

    here are the elite women at Mile 1
    the winner was Teyba Erkesso who is in 2nd right here.

    and whats a Sporting event with a Loud High Speed Fly By ?

    now on to Mile 20 on Heartbreak hill. why did we move you ask ? well Mass General Hospital had 60+ runners running the race to raise money for childrens cancer research . and one of the runners was running for My Daughter. and Dr. Howard Weinstein, who is the doctor who started this fund raiser 13 years ago, well his house is 3 houses from the course at Mile 20, so we gathered there.

    any Way I had a real Nice Picture all frammed up then a guy jumped right in front of me , so this was the best shot I got of the winner, Robert Cheruiyot ( in record time )

    as they are going away that clock say 1:36 20+ miles in 1:36 wow!

    20+ miles and still floating on air

    the runners coming up the first part of Heartbreak Hill

    then there are those who not only ran but pushed too!

    and one of the Mass general Runners , Dr Sweetser , who is one ofthe doctors who diagnosed and is also helping treat my Daughters Cancer.

    these guys have gone banana's

    My Daughter with THe runner who was running in her Honor , made a quick Stop here for a Picture. she would finish her first Marathon in 4:17

    Farther Up Heartbreak Hill It is really taking its toll.

    and of course make way for "the King"

    and finally Dr. Howard Weinstein , with his partnered Patient , making a quick stop. they Raised $750,000 this year , and in the last 13 Years Dr. Weinstein has raised over $6 Million for chilhood cancer research.

    Feel free to edit my Pics to show me how to make them Better.

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    Re: The Boston Marathon

    Great group of pictures and it's very heart warming to know that professions can turn a hobby/passion into a great way to help those in need of a cure. Thanks for sharing with us.
    Don't forget about the Gallery. Are your photos there??

    Nikon Samurai #13

    "A photographer is known by what he shows not by what he throws. The best photographers have the biggest trash cans." Quote from Nikon School sometime in the early 1970's.

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    Re: The Boston Marathon

    Great images, im always amazed at the power of these extreme runners and those with extreme challanges to overcome just to survive. Mabye thats why running and donations to help those in need go together so well. Thoughts and prayers to your daughter and to your familey.
    Please do not take my photo's. Thank you

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    Re: The Boston Marathon

    Fantastic story! with a great series of photos

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    Re: The Boston Marathon

    Great shots! That's great that so much money was raised.

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    SLC, Utah

    Re: The Boston Marathon

    Thought i would bump this back up to the top, great story!

    The world would be a much better place if there where more stories like this!

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