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    Jun 2007

    Birthday Gift to myself " MAX "

    Last summer out with Don, having our best photographic time of our lives,and on our long drive home,my kia breaks down,under still full warrantee,they replaced the whole engine at not a cost to me at all,but like any replacements from the original,there are different sounds you never heard before, makes a person wonder about reliability, so for my 46th birthday in january, i decided to trade the little blue bomber for a very cool ford ranger sport extended cab,3.0 litre v6, cruise tilt,a/c , and loaded with extra features,four wheel anti-locking brakes, sensors on the rim to tell wether your tires are low,dual airbags,all black, that i call " MAX " because of the aggressive exhaust profile it has. here's a image of it ,its only a 4x2, Don you'll need to boost your butt up alittle higher to get in,but the windows are new and big for getting some great images.
    Nikon D300
    11mm-16mm tokina f2.8
    55mm-200mm vr.
    Nikon F65
    Sony H5 p&s
    1.7 tele lens
    nikon sb-800
    nikon sb-600

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    Re: Birthday Gift to myself " MAX "

    Nice present.
    We have the 2000 model and its a good truck.
    I've had as much as 22mpg with it and that was with 2 twenty mile traffic jams and ours is the 4x4 with the 4 litre v6 so you should get better than that.
    Keep Shooting!


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