There was a Big Pink Volleyball tournament at WIU this weekend to raise money for breast cancer research and the student group my wife, Collette, advises participated. Collette was kind enough to volunteer my photographic services to record the fun for them. Unfortunately, they were eliminated at the second round.

I took a chance and used my 1D instead of Collette's 20D, knowing that the high iso performance is not super but wanting the focus speed & accuracy. I also have slow lenses so I expected the vast majority of the shots to be blurry, which happened. I did manage to get a few decent ones though. Not Sports Illustrated quality but not too bad.

The first two were at iso 800, the last two at iso 1600. After reducing them for the web, the noise isn't nearly as noticable as on the full sized images.

It was a lot of fun but really made me wish for a 70-200 f2.8 with IS.