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    Beginners Education

    Hi I dont know if Im in the right place....Just wondering does anyone know the best way and harder yet a good photography class/school for my 14 years daughter to learn at. We are in kelowna,bc

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    Re: Beginners Education

    youhgtbjoking, have you looked at any of the technical schools in Kelowna. There is the Centre for Arts and Technology. They have a diploma course in digital photography, so maybe they might offer some short, introductory courses, e.g., a couple of evenings a week for a few weeks, or a weekend course. Does the school system she is in offer any course(s) in photography - some school systems do.

    The only other way would be to buy her a good introductory book, e.g., Digital Photography for Dummies, or even just a basic introductory book on photography.

    A couple of things, what equipment will she be using and are you a photographer yourself, so that you can help her? HTH.


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    Re: Beginners Education

    Welcome to the forums. There are loads of places you can learn photography - including the help and feedback you can get right here!

    I recomendation would be to start with a local community college for a grounding. Involvement on this website can also help a lot as can camera clubs, but each of these is not suited to every learner. Many high schools offer courses in photography either as part of their curriculum or as an extra. from there I am not sure how things are set up in Canada but in Australia you can study photography at TAFE (a technical college) and university either as a major or minor with a degree in the areas of media arts, fine arts, communications and design! at tafe the courses are more technical but no less rigourous starting with certificate 1-3 which are open to anyone. certificate 4 is only open to people who have completed certificate three or equivalent and had their portoflio judged to be of a high enough standard. Photography can be self taught and I am sure that there are professional bodies in your area that can recomend courses etc. I hope this helps!
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    Re: Beginners Education

    Hi jokin...and Welcome to PR...My wife and I took the courses at . Very instructional and affordable. If your daughter is able to learn on her own, the courses are very well put together. There are instructors available to help via telephone. And you can learn almost everything you need to get started.
    There are other online courses, and even PR has some free courses under the learn tab.
    Plus as mentioned above, this is a great site to learn on. I began my learning here and have learned more on this site than even the course at NYIP. The course did clarify a few things as they have manuals and stuff to look through that we don't have available here.
    Good luck and let us know how it goes.

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