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Thread: Beach Photos

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    Aug 2003
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    Beach Photos

    Nice little beach, despite this year having some dead fish and a lot of turkey buzzards cleaning it up. It's about a half mile hike to get to it.

    Mostly of the dogs again, though I did manage to get my sister-in-law in some of them Most were taken with the rented 300mm f/4L lens.

    1. Jeany reading, Genna digging in the sand, and Gaia watching for me since I was clearly in danger getting that far away down the beach!
    2. Now she's wondering what I'm doing that far down the beach by those buzzards.
    3. I'm coming closer, she's happy about that.
    4. I'm taking too long, she's getting tired now.
    5. Dog down! Dog down!
    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails Beach Photos-20090812-img_4862.jpg   Beach Photos-20090812-img_4920.jpg   Beach Photos-20090812-img_4923.jpg   Beach Photos-20090812-img_4926.jpg   Beach Photos-20090812-img_4927.jpg  

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    Aug 2003
    Chicago, IL, USA

    Re: Beach Photos

    In this set...

    1. Sand covered girlie
    2. Genna's sandy paws
    3. Same paws taken in black and white
    4. Gaia is trying hard to stay awake.
    5. It's a loosing battle!

    That last one might just be my favorite of Gaia
    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails Beach Photos-20090812-img_4955.jpg   Beach Photos-20090812-img_4958.jpg   Beach Photos-20090812-img_4959.jpg   Beach Photos-20090812-img_4968.jpg   Beach Photos-20090812-img_4971.jpg  

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