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    Dec 2004
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    BCT, Kirkbrides, and Abandoned Things

    I had a chance to go down to Buffalo this past weekend for a gathering of urban explorers and had an absolute blast down in the city. Some of the famous places I got to see were the Richardson Complex at the Buffalo Psychiatric Hospital (only from the outside since it was broad daylight and state police were crawling over the campus), and the Buffalo Central Terminal, the Diocesan Educational Campus, and the Buffalo Memorial Auditorium or simply "The Aud" Anyways enough with the talk, on with the photos!

    Richardson Complex

    Complete Photoset

    Buffalo Central Terminal -- Make sure to ask permission before going in this place.

    Complete Photoset

    The Aud

    Complete Photoset

    Diocesan Educational Campus

    Complete Photoset

    There were a couple other locations I visited during my weekend you can view the collection here:
    Alex Luyckx | Photography
    Capturing Beauty in Everything

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    Re: BCT, Kirkbrides, and Abandoned Things

    Nice work - I'd love to do some of this myself. The Keweenaw Peninsula in Michigan's UP has a ton of old mining relics all over the place, but it's probably a very long drive for you - as it is for me...

    Glad to see someone is working on the Buffalo terminal. I see that the pop machine is plugged in so they have electricity in there. "The Aud" which I'm not familiar with apparently sealed it's fate by putting Michelob in the International Beer Garden...

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    Re: BCT, Kirkbrides, and Abandoned Things

    I've never heard of those places, but what a great photo op! The textures on the wall alone would be worth it. Thanks for sharing...and great pics!

    Ray O'Canon
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    Re: BCT, Kirkbrides, and Abandoned Things

    Great series.
    Looks like a very cool place to explore.Nice work!

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    Re: BCT, Kirkbrides, and Abandoned Things

    Cool shots. Love this kind of stuff...

    Never had a chance to check out these places when I lived in Buffalo, although I did see Peter Framton and J. Geils Band at the Aud.

    Loudest concert I've ever been to (he said shaking his cane at the young whipper-snapper)...
    "Riding along on a carousel...tryin' to catch up to you..."

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