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    can't Re-member lidarman's Avatar
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    Batter Charging Ghetto Hack

    For lack of a better forum.

    I have been riding my bike a lot with my panasonic LX3. It takes amazing photos for it's size. I even made a special helmet and bar mount to make videos.

    Unfortunately, it burns through batteries fast on video mode. I can carry extra batteries but for some multi-day self supported camp rides I am planning on doing, I don't want to load up on lots of batteries.

    So I hacked this cheap solar charger. Nearly one watt in full sun. Clips to my pack.

    It charges the sucker from zero to hero in six hours. It's not controlled like it should be for lithium ion batteries but since it's a slow charge rate, I can use judgment on the charge status of the battery and just swap my two batteries back and forth. I never have to really have a battery fully charged.

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    Captain of the Ship Photo-John's Avatar
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    Re: Batter Charging Ghetto Hack

    That's sweet, Rich! I've been wanting to invest in some solar chargers. They seem so slow, though.

    Give us a link to some video samples from your LX3? Have you posted a review for it yet? You know we can use your review.

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    project forum co-moderator Frog's Avatar
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    Re: Batter Charging Ghetto Hack

    I know nothing on this subject but couldn't some sort of generator be attached to wheels of bike to charge a battery? I like the solar idea. Just curious..
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    Moderator of Critiques/Hearder of Cats mtbbrian's Avatar
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    Re: Batter Charging Ghetto Hack

    Leave it to you do something like that.
    That's COOL!!
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    Panarus biarmicus Moderator (Sports) SmartWombat's Avatar
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    Re: Batter Charging Ghetto Hack

    Quote Originally Posted by Frog
    I know nothing on this subject but couldn't some sort of generator be attached to wheels of bike to charge a battery? I like the solar idea. Just curious..
    Why make pedalling harder, when you can get solar without effort?

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    Re: Batter Charging Ghetto Hack

    I've got one of these- it's kind of a novelty as I don't *NEED* to charge anything while I'm riding, but it's just cool nonetheless-

    Another DIY solar cahrger I've been wanting to build-

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