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    Talking Atlantis Prepares For Final Hubble Mission

    The space shuttle Atlantis was rolled out to launch pad 39A yesterday in preperation for the final servicing mission of the Hubble Space Telescope.

    Why they rolled it out six weeks before the launch is beyond me. The shuttle cargo bay is loaded, the boosters and external fuel tank are attached, they need to put the liquid fuel in it (done the day before launch) and fire it.

    I'm also not sure why it is going to take seven astronauts to service the Hubble either. I guess NASA wants all the experienced astronauts they can get before they ground the shuttle fleet.

    As an interesting aside, the space shuttle Endeavour will be rolled out to launch pad 39B to serve as an emergency escape vehicle is something happens to Atlantis during it's liftoff or flight. Endeavor will have a minimal crew ready to go rescue the Atlantis astronauts in the unlikely event that their ship cannot safely return to earth.

    Last year, both shuttles were on the launch pads ready to go, when the mission got scrubbed.

    Here's an article for more information:

    And another aritcle:

    Long live the Hubble!!!
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