Frequent urination while pregnant It is superslot another symptom that all mothers must face. What is the cause of this symptom and is it dangerous? Let's take a look at the answer.
What causes frequent urination while pregnant?
It is normal for people to urinate frequently. Due to changing hormones Together with the womb that is constantly enlarged Therefore, it squeezes into the bladder and causes pain in urination more often The symptoms like this will go away on their own after giving birth. So mom don't have to worry You just have to be careful and change your behavior a little. This is for good hygiene throughout the pregnancy itself.
What to do when urinating a lot while pregnant
Frequent urination while pregnant is inevitable. But mom can take good care of herself too. Things that should be done as follows
1. Go to the toilet immediately after urination pain.
Many mothers like to hold their urine because they are often lazy to go to the bathroom. Or sometimes involved in watching your favorite drama or playing on your mobile phone Which is something that should not be done This will increase the risk of miscarriage or premature birth. And also the risk of bladder inflammation as well Therefore, when urinating, should go to the bathroom immediately. To prevent these risks there.
2. Always blot with a tissue to dry.
After urinating Mom should always use a tissue to dry it. To prevent any dampness that can lead to vaginal yeast problems. Including the risk of other infections as well, which the tissues used must be clean and well processed and sterilized as well.
3. Wear a breathable underwear.
Wearing a breathable bra is also important. Because it will help reduce the occurrence of dampness In addition, it is best to choose to wear a bra that fits not too tightly too tightly. Or choose a bra that is designed for pregnant women, which will suit your mother the most.