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    Question Another Canon remote thread

    I have had a remote switch on my wish list for my DRebel for a while now, and after reading petemac's thread I started to look into it a little more. There are 4 remotes listed on Canon's website for the DRebel, but I can't find any specs on them. There are the RC-1 & RC-5 which are both wireless, and there are the 60T3 and the RS-60E3 which are both corded switches. Other than being a shutter release switch, I can't seem to find out much about them, at least not on the Canon site. Does anyone have any experiance with any of these switches and if so, what are your thoughts? I like the idea of a switch being wireless, but to get one that does what I want it to do, I could live without the wireless feature. I read that one of them you can select the 2 sec. delay or have it fire right away, and one mentions being able to use your bulb setting, but that's about all they say. So if I can use my bulb setting, does that mean that I have to hold the remote button down, or is it a press once to start, and a second time to stop??? The lack of info, and time to research this is very frustrating.... please help!


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    Re: Another Canon remote thread

    Hey thats my thread! :-)

    After i started that thread I have been reading a lot about remotes. The digital rebel is good for remotes, depending how adventurous you are! I used the RS-60E3 with my elan 7e. You basically have the shutter button on a 3 foot cable. You can autofocus and shoot. When you use bulb mode, you slide a piece over the button, and its held down. To stop the exposure you slide the piece back and the button comes back up. Simple as that. That is the only one on your list that i have used.

    Now, for the adventurous part. If you take a look at my other post, i updated it with information about the remote pinouts. If you so desired, you could make your own RS-60e3 for a few dollars. (Probably a lot safer not to do this).

    Another interesting tidbit. IR is used for camera remotes and for tv's etc. PDA's can also use IR for data transfer. In highschool I used to use my PDA to change the channel on the TV when we watched movies in english and the teacher was at a loss :-P You can trigger the shutter on your camera with an IPAQ or other pocket PC device with a program called nevo. See link: Also, some people have been able to use remote controls made for tv's and VCR's to operate their cameras. Available at walmart etc, it might be worth a shot. See link:

    At the very least its interesting stuff. Good luck.


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