The 10D got here at 11:45 this morning, usually UPS doesn't deliver next days until the late afternoon in my neighborhood, but maybe all the next day orders from Adorama and B&H are hinting them in...

First of all, so far I love the 10D more than I did the rebel. To me, the added features and fuctions of the 10D are worth the extra money, or more. I held the 2 cameras side by side and after using the 10D all day, I knew it was the Camera for my taste, my style, and my level of interest in how active I want to be in photography.

What I like about it the most so far is
-The shutter. Unless I am mistaken, its a faster lag and recycle. The think snaps closed and opens seeminly twice as fast as the Rebel. Plus, the 9 shot buffer is much much more usable for how I shoot.

-the Custom functions. I went through every single one and it totally changed my camera lifestyle. The 10D is my customized dream machine now, I can't beleive how much you can adjust that the Rebel doesn't allow.

-It focuses faster than the rebel. I instantly noticed that, the very first time I put a lense on it. Plus the extra focus features really make a difference to me.

-The RAW files... I'd like to just not have an embedded JPEG, but with it set to small/coarse, I get 160 RAWS on my gig card... the Rebel only got 132! Not sure if the rebel embeds a higher quality jpeg, but oh well, I gained almost 30 exposures. Oh, and It writes faster to the card as well.

-Ergonimics: I like Canons ergonomics. It all makes sense, its all easy to use. /shrug, everyone is gonna have different hands and prefrences, but I like how the camera is designed. It feels good to me

All in all, I am totally satisfied. Maybe I'll get an "Error 99" or whatever, maybe the shutter will crap out after 3000 exposures, but oh well. I got a warantee from Adorama along with the Canon one, so I'll just send it in.