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    What Light Kit should I buy?

    I would like to invest in a light kit (And a flashgun as well) for portraits. Headshots, kids, etc.

    I found this kit on B&H and it's in my price range. Has anyone used this light kit or have any other affordable solutions? Impact Two Monolight Kit - 200 Total Watt/Seconds EX100A-2KI B&H

    I have a 42" 5 in 1 reflector that I could use with the set up.

    I'm shooting with a Canon XSi and a 50mm f/1.8. Is there a better lens that I should invest in for portraits?

    Any advice would be greatly appreciated!
    Canon XSi ~ EF-S 18-50mm ~ EF 75-300mm III ~ EF 50mm f/1.8 Mk I

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    Re: What Light Kit should I buy?

    Lights that are 200ws will struggle to produce enough light to adequately illuminate you subject, even at close range indoors. Even 300ws strobes are just barely passable to get your aperture in the range commonly used for portraits (f/4-8). In the end, you'll be happier with a more powerful lighting setup. As far as lenses, I suspect your 75-300 will see much more service than the 50mm unless you're shooting in ultra tight spaces (having the 50mm 3' from your subject's nose for a head shot might be a bit too creepy unless you know them VERY well). The extended range and background compression the longer lens offers, along with the reduced barrel distortion provided be the larger distance between you and your subject, are much better suited to portrait work. Once you have some practice under your belt, the best high end lenses to suit your particular shooting style will become evident. I often use a 180mm prime, but others I know prefer either the 85mm or the 105mm prime, and I've seen many simply use a 70-200 f/2.8

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