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    Studio Pinup for Christmas

    I shot this last night at a friends studio. I've got young boys around the house, so I won't do boudoir work at my home studio. Josh was on the ground shooting the model and I love shooting pretty girls, but I also love getting some of the action and telling a story too. Josh thought he looked goofy in the shot and I told him that photographers are supposed to look goofy, we get into whatever posture we need to get the shot, but this photo is about the experience of the model, not him. I'll have more from this set in a few days. The paid work has to come first.
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    Re: Studio Pinup for Christmas

    I like this, Tom. Thanks for sharing it. It's fun that it's timely - the present and all. But I also like that it's got a behind-the-scenes look. Since I run a photography Web site I'm kind of partial to photos of photographers in action.

    Looking forward to seeing more from this shoot. Let me know next time you're doing a model shoot and maybe I can come and get my own behind-the-scenes photos. I really do like them. Every time I'm around a bunch of photographers I end up taking more pictures of the photographers than whatever we're actually there to shoot

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