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    How would you light a car?

    I could use some ideas for effective lighting of cars. I am havign a hard time finding studio car shots, most of what I see is outdoor/natural light with maybe some strobes used for fill.

    I am in no hurry for this, I just would like to get discussion going regarding this subject just to give me some ideas to work off of.


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    Need a big studio or cyclorama


    Well, I've never shot one in studio but I would think you would need a fairly decent sized space. Maybe with a two wall cement cyclorama. Large softboxes if you are shooting detail. If lighting the whole thing, maybe a couple power packs with 8 heads or so fired into umbrellas; four from high four from lower providing the fill. Vaguely remember seeing an article about it but don't remember where. But basically don't have a clue.

    If I find a site or something, I will let you know.

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