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    How do I make a small at home studio

    I have a small space in the upstairs of my house. I have a couple of umbrella lights, not much more. Yes I am the consumate ameture. Here is the space I work withHow do I make a small at home studio-20150522_225915.jpgHow do I make a small at home studio-20150522_225937.jpg
    -Becky L.

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    Re: How do I make a small at home studio

    Hi Becky. I'd need more info, and what exactly you want to know. "How do I make a small studio at home?" is kinda vague. If you list the room's dimensions, preferably with a diagram of the floor plan, it would be much easier to give advice about setting up a shooting space. The amount of area you're actually working with is really hard to tell from these photos.

    Also, what type of photography do you like to shoot? And what type of lights do you have? Are there any windows that let in natural light? And will this room need to be used for other things, or will you be able to leave it as a studio?

    In any event, this looks like enough room to set up for a lot of different types of shooting, especially head shots and more closeup portraits, as well as table top set ups.

    Thanks, and good luck with it...
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    Re: How do I make a small at home studio

    The space looks big enough, you might have to remove some of the items out of the room. Are you using speedlights, strobes, continuous lights, etc? I use a combination of both, along with umbrellas and a white background (also a black background). Make sure you get you some sturdy light stands (preferably air cushioned ones) and some sand bags to act as a counter weight. If you have natural light coming into the room, you could use that or if you prefer not to use the natural light, I would recommend covering up the window so that light isn't coming into the room. I add a few things here and there as I get $$ to buy new stuff.
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    Re: How do I make a small at home studio

    Hoo, it is really great, as I have planned to start in my home. It helps me Thank you Asylum steve.

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    Re: How do I make a small at home studio

    I am so glad to hear about this home studio and I also want to make a small home studio. click to read more Can anyone have any suggestions? I need your help and I don't have any idea about this home studio. Can you please share some details about your home studio?

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