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    What makes a Mathematics tutor a great tutor?

    I have been a math tutor for more than 5 years for middle school through graduating college seniors. I've also had the opportunity to talk to literally hundreds of tutors, some more successful than others. Here's what I think makes a tutor great:

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    Re: What makes a Mathematics tutor a great tutor?

    My sons had exactly the same problem and I don't want to upset you prematurely but you will most likely have to put a lot of effort and start your child learning all the material you didn't learn in the 4th grade math course, because it is the 4th grade that teaches the basics without which he can't solve any problems in 5, 6 and so on. But don't feel bad, I have already been in your shoes and enrolled my son in this course for math help can ease your burden. The teachers from this site can quickly figure out what topics your son doesn't know and teach him all the missing material.

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    Re: What makes a Mathematics tutor a great tutor?

    Learning maths requires a lot of effort and time. If your child is not doing well in maths at school, we recommend that you buy maths worksheets and improve your child's knowledge of the topics. You can buy maths worksheets here:

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