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Thread: Silverstone WEC

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    Panarus biarmicus Moderator (Sports) SmartWombat's Avatar
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    Silverstone WEC

    I can't post many images from the day, most were for a sponsor of the team that accredited me.

    Silverstone WEC-_95u1751.jpg
    I know, that's a Rebellion LPM2.
    I'm rather pleased at getting the slow pan right after 2 years away from racing.

    Silverstone WEC-_95u0911.jpg
    And you know I'm a sucker for the flames on the overrun.
    That'll get your car photographed!

    Silverstone WEC-_95u0422.jpg
    So combine the two, add a little rain, and here's my favourite from the weekend.

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    Senior Member armando_m's Avatar
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    Oct 2009
    Guadalajara Mexico

    Re: Silverstone WEC

    Glad to see you sharing racing shots again !!

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    Senior Member
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    Gunnison, Co, USA

    Re: Silverstone WEC

    Nice. Love the slow pan!

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    Woe is me! wfooshee's Avatar
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    Oct 2011
    Panama City, Florida

    Re: Silverstone WEC

    Nice. When I saw your other post yesterday about carrying a camera around Silverstone, I began waiting.....

    I must live vicariously through others this year. I missed Sebring this year because I was broke after a California vacation, and nothing else I want to see is close enough to go to, and the government's budget issues have shut down the Blue Angels and the Thunderbirds, so no air shows this year, either!

    (Is it redundant to say "vicariously through others?" I think it must be.)

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    Co-Moderator, Photography as Art forum megan's Avatar
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    Planet Megan - Astoria, NY

    Re: Silverstone WEC

    I love the fire too! Cool shots.

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    Ex-Modster Old Timer's Avatar
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    KY, USA

    Re: Silverstone WEC

    Great to see more racing images from you Paul. That first one is a killer!
    Don't forget about the Gallery. Are your photos there??

    Nikon Samurai #13

    "A photographer is known by what he shows not by what he throws. The best photographers have the biggest trash cans." Quote from Nikon School sometime in the early 1970's.

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    Captain of the Ship Photo-John's Avatar
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    Re: Silverstone WEC

    Yup - that first one is a real winner. Love how that red pops out of the darkness

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