I had a fun day yesterday with a good friend skiing a nearby mountain called Park Cone. We haven't gotten any new snow in a few weeks and that helped make the avalanche danger low for now. The ski area is very firm and I'm a little tired of skiing those conditions.
We climed the ~2500' peak in about three hours, and then it took about an hour to eat and work our way back down.

I carried my Pentax K-3 and 18-135 zoom. That combination is weather sealed which makes it well suited to this kind of use.

Summit view in some harsh midday light

This North facing chute had some good, but sometimes variable snow left. There were already two sets of tracks in it but plenty of untracked for us.

The chute dropped all the way down to the Taylor river, where there's a stretch of gold medal trout fishing below the dam. I broke my lens hood while we were skiing so that's where that big blob of flare came from.

Fun day!