Rob, a.k.a. zerodog, bought a Nikon D7100 as a backup body and I got him to write a full review for us. Since he shoots seriously low light action, I knew he'd really push the camera hard and give us a good review. Read the review to find out what Rob thinks about the D7100:

Nikon D7100 Review >>

We went out together last weekend to get some last minute outdoor photos for the review and took a few of my own of Rob in action. These photos were not taken with the D7100.

Nikon D7100 Pro Review By Zerodog-_mg_1668_1000.jpg

Nikon D7100 Pro Review By Zerodog-_mg_1700_1100.jpg

Nikon D7100 Pro Review By Zerodog-_mg_1720_1000.jpg