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    Nikon AW1 yet? An ultimate sports and travel item?


    Are any of you using or trying the AW1 for sports? It seems like it's shipping and getting in the hands of some.

    I sit more in need of a video shooting upgrade and ease of carry so this camera caught my attention while checking out the Canon 70D. It looks way beyond rugged point and shoot.

    My concerns are no image stabilization which could be nice for some circumstances. I realize you can buy non-waterproof VR lenses for this but I'm quite invested in a SLR system with multiple flash, lenses etc.....

    Sports shooting in my case is mountain biking, skiing, angling, and a gymnast daughter.

    I've only handled and tried this camera it in a store. The zoom is bigger than I thought but still a package much smaller than SLR. Thanks for any reports or opinions you might have on this camera.

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    Re: Nikon AW1 yet? An ultimate sports and travel item?

    Yes, bitflogger - I've got some opinions

    I haven't had a chance to use the AW1, yet. But I'm glad you posted about it because I'm very excited about it and need to get one for review from Nikon. I think it looks great and I'm pretty confident it will be as good as it looks. Here's the intro article I wrote when it was announced:

    Nikon 1 AW1 Intro >>

    And here's my full Nikon 1 J1 review:

    Nikon 1 J1 Review >>

    You mentioned video and that's where I think the Nikon 1 cameras are most impressive. The continuous auto focus for video is pretty near flawless. If you check my Nikon J1 review there's a video AF sample clip that shows just how well it works.

    By the way, I bought an EOS 70D and I have collected some video action clips to test the auto focus. I shot my last test clip yesterday and now I just need to edit them into something easily digestible. The continuous AF works great. So if you're already a Canon DSLR owner and you can ride and ski with a DSLR (I always do), then that's a good solution. However, I also like the idea of the smaller AW1 - especially as a rugged P&S upgrade. That's how I was thinking I'd probably use it.

    Your reviews are the foundation of this site - Write A Review!

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    Re: Nikon AW1 yet? An ultimate sports and travel item?

    You (Photo-John) nailed it with my interests and thoughts.

    I'm sure I'd be thrilled with some sell, trade and buy for 70D and 18-135 STM but that would leave me without the one SLR tool that would be good for my daughter's gymnastics - faster zoom like 24 - 70 or the EF-S 17-55 2.8. That would also be a lot to carry.

    On the face of it, the AW1 plus the right SLR lens for photography only would probably be same budget.

    My well regarded Panasonic travel zoom has exceeded my expectations, but with it family, sports and water trips still have the Pentax W60 and GoPro tagging along. Obsessing on this new Nikon product is because it kind of puts that little Pentax water cam, GoPro and SLR function in one package.

    To consider or rationalize the Nikon AW1 not having image stabilization, I'm looking at a few photos I took 1975 - 1978 as well as video from my first camcorder (2001). Both worked. That said, trying the 70D was like shooting fish in a barrel for somebody who started with 1950s camera gear. If not that easy comparing the polish of my 2013 Subaru in bad weather to the 1947 and 77 Jeeps I had.

    FYI: The Nikon marketing stuff and other professional demo for AW1 out on Youtube look good but I'm sure those videos were edited with the best software and skilled hands. A few shots using the camera showed rigging one will surely not have with on a basic hike or MTB ride.

    Looking at what's evolved since my Pentax all weather P+S, I see that class is better but nothing having that high speed or high action capability of the AW1.

    Trying the AW1 with other lenses in the store had me thinking you better own and often carry a spare gasket if you are using it with standard lens and that gasket exposed.

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