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    Fastball To The Crotch - A Baseball Photo Essay

    Here is a set of photos of NY Mets player Jordany Valdespin getting hit in the crotch by a 94 MPH fastball when he was at bat - and for some reason he wasn't wearing a cup. I bet he starts wearing a cup now.

    Jordany Valdespin Taking A Fastball Right To The Dick: A Photo Essay

    Aside from the horror and novelty of the photos, they're excellent and show what top level camera equipment is able to capture these days. The photo of the ball buried right in his stuff is brutal. I'm not sure what gear was used for these photos but it's a pretty good bet that the camera was either an Canon EOS-1D X or a Nikon D4. I love those cameras :-)

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    Re: Fastball To The Crotch - A Baseball Photo Essay

    Yeah, ouch.

    Reminds me of my own incident. It was back a while, but in 8th or 9th grade, while walking to the bus loading area of my middle school, I walked dead center into one of those yellow steel bollards, which was exactly the right height for a gangly young teen to strike. In front of 700+ kids lining up for the buses.... I STILL hear about it from time to time, 40 years later.

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