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    Cyclo-Cross Word Championships

    Hey all. I was curious if anybody was planning on going to the Cyclo-Cross world Championships February 1,2 and 3 in Louisville Ky. This will be a momentous occasion as it is the first time in 60 years that the championships will have been held outside of Europe. My self and my old business partner started the first Cyclo-Cross series in the Indianapolis area many many years ago. I have since sold the bike shop, got married started a family and have gotten out on my bike much less.

    I have booked a room for the weekend and was planning on heading to the races with my photo gear in hopes of getting some great shots of a great event and maybe even re-spark that love of cycling I had many years ago. And of course hanging with my friends in the SRAM tent where it is always a party.

    I would love to meet, hang out with anyone planning on going. Put a face to a name and talk shop. I know there are several members here that are into MTB, Road and Cyclo. If any of you have friends that may be participating in the race and you may not be able to make it let me know their names and what Cat. they are racing and I will try to get some shots of them. If you are going feel free to PM me and we can try to meet up.


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    Re: Cyclo-Cross Word Championships

    That sure sounds like fun! I'd love to go but that is too far for me. Have a great time. I look forward to seeing the photos!

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    Re: Cyclo-Cross Word Championships

    I'm out of this one. No client and it's too far to travel in the heart of ski season which is my (non photography) bread and butter right now.
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    Re: Cyclo-Cross Word Championships

    I have no plans of going, although I have to admit, I probably should. Like Chris, unless the people who pay the bills want me there, I'm not going to go. Maybe if I'd thought about it a couple of months ago. Have fun, though. And please share photos with us. There are definitely some cyclocross photo fans here who like dirty photos ;-)

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