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    A classic spring ski tour

    Saturday I did a fun local tour with a few friends that I often do about this time of year. Spring spoon runs are fun and usually the snowpack is nicely set up in it. I was meaning to do this a few weeks ago but winter returned and I wanted to let it settle out first.
    Some of these photos are hosted at Facebook so my apologies for what their aggressive compression does to the pics!

    First, early in the skin we saw a big bear right in the direction we were headed. It didn't seem the least bit interested in us which is good.

    We did some thicketeering. Fortunately nobody got wet.

    Big prints

    The climb was skinning for the first 1000' or so and then boot packing and hiking on scree for the next 2000'

    The objective seen though one of the many squalls that rolled through.

    Very windy on the summit so we dropped in as soon as we could.

    The sun came back out and we enjoyed 1-2" of fresh on some corn. It was fun to open it up a bit.

    "Steal Your Face" willows at the bottom

    Looking back

    Thin at the bottom

    A good time was had by all!

    I carried my Pentax K-5 and 18-135 f/3.5-5.6 WR in the front pocket of my softshell. It's a big pocket and I can just barely fit that lens/camera combo in it. It keeps it handy so I can quickly get it out and take a snap while skiing. Kind of like a chest pack would work but more out of the way.

    Edit to add: Here's what the spoon looks like from down-valley.

    IMGP1578.jpg by, on Flickr
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    Re: A classic spring ski tour

    Nice photos! I think I like numbers 6 and 9 the most, but I also like the way you tell a story with the approach photos. Thanks for including that last one for perspective, too. I can definitely tell you have some news training by the type of photos you take and the way you lay them out to tell a story. I know that takes more work, too. Especially when you're touring. I use a point-and-shoot for quick shots when I don't want to get the big camera out. Keeping your DSLR in an accessible pocket is a big commitment. I don't have any pockets like that. Even if the camera fits, I imagine it must be a bit uncomfortable?

    You know, you could have posted this thread on the wildlife forum, too. I've never seen a bear while I'm out touring but there's probably way too much activity in the Wasatch for the bears.

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    Re: A classic spring ski tour

    Thanks John.
    I have news experience working for our paper but no formal training. My degree was in fine art. I do like to try to frame my shots to add context when possible and appropriate. For a tour like this I think it lends it's self well to a story telling style, so I often have that mindset while shooting it.
    My current shell, a Sierra Designs softshell, I chose specifically for it's generous front pockets to cram my camera into. It's not uncomfortable unless I fall on it and then it's like getting punched in the gut/rips. I took a hard fall at Crested Butte in March with it and that was pretty painful. Winded me and left the ends of my ribs pretty tender for a couple of weeks afterward. So I just need to not fall, or at least not on hard snow! It also broke some threads for the hood on my newest lens which I wasn't too happy about. Still works fine so it's not a huge deal.
    The bear pic was just a grab before it disappeared and I didn't feel like it was a great photo. That is the first bear I have seen skiing although I have seen a few from the car and one from my bike over the years.

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