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    from the archive ... going to the dogs

    Back in the 1970s I got a Zenit-EM for my birthday, and started photographing everything
    Among the old scratched films in the A4 paper negative files I found my earliest sports photos.
    Some were even in focus!

    from the archive ... going to the dogs-img_000024.jpg
    from the archive ... going to the dogs-img_000030.jpg
    from the archive ... going to the dogs-img_000015.jpg
    from the archive ... going to the dogs-img_000006.jpg
    from the archive ... going to the dogs-img_000018.jpg

    I think the slope is due to my astigmatism, even today I work with without my glasses and I know I have a tendency to tilt to the shot the right.

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    Re: from the archive ... going to the dogs

    Cool shots. The last one looks like a movie still.

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    Re: from the archive ... going to the dogs

    Love these, Paul! They have a great, nostalgic feel. I agree with Megan that they feel a bit like old movie stills.

    About the tilt - I also have astigmatism and all my photos are tilted about the same amount, in the same direction. Built-in digital levels have been great for my photography

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    Re: from the archive ... going to the dogs

    Love these old shots Paul. The dog action is cool but I think my favorite is the last one with the two old guys one with the ledger and the other smoking his cigarette watching the track

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