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Thread: aerial shots

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    aerial shots

    I'm not sure how he managed to get approval to use this at a race meeting.
    I'm sure health and ****** safety would put a stop to this now.

    There were signs of old Canon stickers on the balloon, so I guess it was once a promotion item that got fitted with a radio controlled servo-driven mount and low power TV transmitter to the photographer on the ground at the other end of the rope.

    I'm sure he got a unique viewpoint on the race and the fans.
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    Re: aerial shots

    That's cool. Did you do a Google search to see if you could find any of his photos? Balloons and radio controlled dirigibles used to be one of the standard ways to do commercial aerial photography. I'm sure they're still in use now. But the hot thing now is the RC helicopter because it's so fast and maneuverable.

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    Re: aerial shots

    I remember several years ago, CBS used a radio-control helicopter in coverage of the Daytona 500. It was used over the grassy area between the pits and the tri-oval part of the track. '95 or '96-ish
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    Re: aerial shots

    hmm that is an interesting way to get some photos. might work better for a high school event I would think rather than racing...kinda dangerous
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