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    Weird laptop issue

    From the XP laptop I can't access the forums.
    But from my iPhone on the same wireless LAN I can post this.
    The win 7 laptop works, as does the XP desktop downstairs and the win 7 notebook.
    It's only the Sony vaio that isn't working.

    It's not a firefox issue, it also times out with IE so we can't blame Firefox 6.

    I have flushed the DNS cache, rebooted, loaded latest windows updates (that might have been a mistake) and updated the antivirus.

    Baffled, any ideas folks?

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    Re: Weird laptop issue

    Have you tried running malwarebytes? Seems like this happened to me once and I had picked up some maleware.
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    Re: Weird laptop issue

    This happened to me twice, compare to Mac, Win easily picked up malware since that time I've been using BITDEFENDER but still I'm not sure how to secure your OS from some highly ranked sites and apps as I've been reading this article and there are a few apps that might invade our privacy what's your opinion on it?
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    Re: Weird laptop issue

    Speaking of antiviruses, I just got rid of one on my PC and the performance increased significantly. Is it a common thing? I was really surprised with this situation.

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    Re: Weird laptop issue

    Guys, need some help from someone who knows a lot about computer gear. So, I am about to get a set of speakers for gaming purpose, I even found this guide that helped me to figure out the most suitable model but now I am in doubt because I also decided to consider buying a gaming headset as an option. What's better in your opinion?

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