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    Suggestions for this Site

    I often see young people come to the forum asking for advise, they get it and leave, and not seen again. The only way to keeping them around is by providing them with suitable environment for their next step after getting the advice, which is showing their work which means the "GALLERY". There are so many forums and news all over the internet and young people know where they are, but there are very limited number of enclosed network galleries such the one this site provide and that where the emphasis of this site should be. Photographers crave for places to see and be seen. Therefore, the Gallery should be the core of this site not the side element. To enhance it:
    1. It needs better design.
    2. It should be allocated a large top area in the homepage, to show that "this what we do".
    3. Eliminating the moderator posts and let moderation from member-to-member only.
    4. Raising the standard of photography by making photo selection limited to "Highest Rated" and "Highest Viewed".
    5. Eliminating the POD and FP and help members feel that they are in more relaxed environment not a contest.
    6. You should reserve the right to removing photos that don't match the standard of photography you expect such as the ones taken with Cellular Phone Cameras.
    7. You can encourage members to comment on photos by rewarded them points, or extra number of page views for their posted photos for each comment the same day.
    8. Posting pictures in the forum should be limited to one per thread, and in the Photo Critique section only.

    Generally speaking, taking the man power out and let the site run itself. Humans are bias, I saw praising of bad pictures when the good ones are ignored.

    Honestly, right now this site feels like a school run by "Retired Camera Store Salesmen", no offense LOL.
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    Re: Suggestions for this Site

    Thanks for the feedback, Asmarlak. For what it's worth, the core of the site is the user review section:

    That's where most of our traffic is, that's how most people come to the site and that's what pays the bills. The gallery could definitely use some sprucing up, though. I totally agree with some of your suggestion and others not so much. The biggest issue at the moment is we have a lot of other projects in the works and don't have the manpower to devote to making gallery changes. If we did, updating the look and feel would be one of my top priorities

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