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    Nov 2010
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    Unhappy GIMP HELP! newbie :)

    Hello everyone I am so new its disgusting All I have until January for editing is GIMP, I am just wondering where to start in it, if anyone can give me any tips I open it and I feel LOST!! Thank you so much


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    Re: GIMP HELP! newbie :)

    I found quite a few useful tips in this page

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    May 2010
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    Re: GIMP HELP! newbie :)

    a good GIMP discussion board..
    GIMP like many *nix programs is "unique" It's somewhat non-intutive, and documentation from one release to the next can have gaps that are very hard to close. I have used it in the past. I only do the minimum with it. I actually use preview on my Mac most of my basic editing.
    It's not about the camera....

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