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    Member wedding photographer's Avatar
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    Apr 2010
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    Get rid of marks of sweat marks...

    I have shot a wedding recently in Punta Cana on the beach. It was hot! The groom was sweating badly. As a result I have sweat marks all over his face. I have tried different tool in photoshop but I am just not 100% satisfied with the results....Which tool do you use to get rid of sweat marks?

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    Senior Shooter Greg McCary's Avatar
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    Re: Get rid of marks of sweat marks...

    I can use the healing brush and clone stamp. It just takes a little practice.
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    Senior Member draymorton's Avatar
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    Dec 2008
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    Re: Get rid of marks of sweat marks...

    Quote Originally Posted by wedding photographer
    The groom was sweating badly.
    I would actually add sweat. The realist's representation of things to come.

    However, I digress. Use the healing brush, the patch tool, or content-aware in CS5.

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    Re: Get rid of marks of sweat marks...

    I don't think there's any magic utility or effect to remove that from a model, WP. I think you're best off doing just as Greg and Dray suggest. Watch out for that Content Aware healing brush on CS5 though ... I'm not getting very good results from that thing (- but that's another thread to come!)
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    Senior Member Anbesol's Avatar
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    Mar 2006

    Re: Get rid of marks of sweat marks...

    It depends on the amount of sweat, if its a lot of sweat it can be a bigger problem, and pretty much un-editable. If its a smaller amount, as was said, can heal/clone out.

    If its on the forehead and causing the sweaty hair thing, there is not really anything that can be done about that.

    Anyway - post an example and it would give us a better idea on a technique to fix it.

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    They call me P-Wac JETA's Avatar
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    Aug 2005
    Pacific NW

    Re: Get rid of marks of sweat marks...

    Have you tried portrait professional?

    I'm very new to the software and haven't used it for sweat, but it removes every pimple in sight. No more cloning or erasing for me. I love it!
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