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    Smile Converting RAW Files


    I own a Nikon D5000 & have decided to start shooting in RAW. Much to my dismay I've discovered that my Adobe CS2 is not compatible with Nikon's RAW (NEF) format. I'm not crazy about Nikons View NX either.

    Can I do this instead. Can I open my RAW files in View NX, perform the White Balance function & then save it as a TIFF since it's lossless. Later, open the .TIFF up in Photoshop to perform other editing functions like Rotate, Crop & Re-size.

    Can this be done?
    If so, what's the drawbacks?

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    Re: Converting RAW Files

    That works just fine. In fact, that's what I do when I get a review camera from Nikon that's too new to be supported by Lightroom or Photoshop. The main drawbacks are the slow speed and somewhat awkward interface of View NX. The Adobe software also has some tools that View NX doesn't. The main reason I like Adobe Lightroom so much are the tools. I've done comparisons and have seen little or no difference in the final, converted image quality.

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    Re: Converting RAW Files

    Space is one drawback .. both RAW and TIFF files are incredibly large. You may want to save the RAW from NX into a low-compression JPG file so it's more reasonably sized. But this depends on how much HHD space you have and how long you're willing to wait for those big files to load. Your call on that.

    I think I also had an issue with CS2's RAW conversion for the latest Nikon RAWs.. but when I switched to CS5 a few months ago the issue disappeared.
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