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    Future Project Ideas

    I think it would be fun (and a little odd) to shoot bathrooms. There are *so* many types out there -- from opulent to appalling.

    Anyone who frequents restaurants, travels or likes road trips knows what I'm talking about. ;)

    Can we add "bathrooms" to the list of photo project ideas to consider?

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    That's a great one!

    I think the Bathroom Project would be a classic. Everyone has access to one, they're all different. Some are weird, some are scary, some are fancy. It's just a huge, mostly overlooked subject to photograph and interpret.

    Anyone else?

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    Cool Great idea........however.........

    Unless you're going to shoot your own bathroom, better be careful shooting in public restrooms today - especially with a DSLR. Unless of course, you have a cell with camera.

    Seriously - I love the idea. It would be interesting to see how creative people can be.


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