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    Newbie needs help with workflow

    I'm using a 10D to shoot sports and right now I'm shooting in JPEG and printing uncorrected. I would like to take the next step and start using RAW and correcting the images. Any advise on workflow?

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    There are a lot of fans of RAW format here on this site - and personally I'm starting to go that way too in some situations. But RAW will end up slowing you down (both from the camera processing bigger files and also more post-processing work). You'll probably find most sports photographers and photojournalists shooting high resolution jpegs because of this.

    RAW gives you great control, but it doesn't come without some drawbacks. Do you really need it for sports? Are you having problems with jpegs? Shooting jpegs with a custom white balance and little time in Photoshop can give you great results, but you have to be very careful when you shoot.

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    Quote Originally Posted by B712
    I'm using a 10D to shoot sports and right now I'm shooting in JPEG and printing uncorrected.
    Are there specific things driving you to want to change? I don't think you should change if you're happy with what you have. Maybe those should be an additional topic of discussion here as they're probably relevent. It's okay if your answer is "because I heard it gives me more control"

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    Jpegs correct just fine. SHooting sports in RAW with a 10D is suicide, write times will keep you from shooting anything, be it RAW or JPEG.

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