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    Unhappy My computer won't read my cf card properly

    I'm new to digital photography and would appreciate any help with my problem. When I put my card in my computer (win.xp) it does shows all 149of the picture files, but with gobbleygook characters and incorrect file sizes (eg. all files being over 1 gb) and it does not let me open or view them. My computer is telling me that windows can't recognise the file type or language or somethng like that.The card works fine in my camera and if I plug the card reader into another computer it reads it just fine. I even installed the driver for the card reader which isnt necessary in xp but it didnt help. Help! I have 150 pics that I can't get to

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    To me, it sounds like the driver for the card reader isn't working correctly. My advice would be to uninstall the driver from XP, reboot the computer and make sure everthing is working fine.

    Then turn the computer off, plug in the card reader (I know plug and play but bare with me), then turn on your computer and let it find the card reader as it starts up. Let it install the driver it thinks is correct for the card reader and take it from there. Sometimes the driver that the Gates Almighty deams to be correct, is not correct and when you install the driver for the actual card reader it confuses windows.

    Do you know how to check to see if there are any confilicts on your computer ?

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