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    Smile Ink levels drop without use

    Hi all.
    I'm using the Microboards Disc Publisher. Am happy with it, suits my needs/printing frequency very well. No clogging issues, etc.
    For the past while I have been burning data only, no pictures. I've noticed that the color inkwells are very slowly (but steadily) decreasing. is that because I'm turning the printer on and off? or some other reason.
    Anything I can do to prevent ink loss?

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    Re: Ink levels drop without use

    If the printer gets infrequent use, it will use a small amount of ink on startup to clean the print heads. It's theoretically possible to use an entire cartridge without printing a single sheet.

    Also, if you refill your ink cartridges, and have done so more than a few times with your current cartridges, then chances are good that the seal in the refill hole on the cartridge has been permanently broken. While it's not a huge issue, it can allow some of the ink to evaporate.

    Best advice is that if you're not using the printer frequently, don't turn it on until you need to make a print.
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